23. Lauren Mayberry

Selecting a picture for the lead singer of Scottish Electro-Pop newcomers CHVRCHES was difficult since she looks a new kind of lovely in each and every one, and thats saying a lot considering there are so few actual pictures of her. She’s by far my new favorite girl of this year and CHVRCHES are fucking incredible. Go watch all of their videos on YouTube, like their Facebook Page, even follow their Tumblr and fall in love. Just not with Lauren Mayberry, she’s mine. Just kidding guys calm down, we can all enjoy the insane cuteness of Lauren and the wonderful music of CHVRCHES together. Check them out and make your day that much better.

All Poison and Thrills and I were especially excited for this post in particular, so go see what she’s got to say and give her some love. Stay tuned (or you know, follow us) for more cute girls and other good things!